President: Kim Burris

Kim is co-founder of the non-for profit.  As a wife of a law enforcement officer, she recognized the increasing danger that LEOs face within a growing distrusting community.


Co-President: Nicole Burris

Nicole is co-founder of the non-for profit.  As a 11 year old daughter of a police officer, when B.A.C. was originally formed, she recognized that peoples perceptions of law enforcement officers were changing to dehumanize them.  She wanted to start bridging the gap between the groups and humanize the officers within their communities.


Vice President/Treasurer: Brent Burris

Brent is a caring father and husband that has seen the value of this effort and provides his support to ensure that the organization is meeting the endowment needs of the non-profit.


Member at Large: Jeffrey Boxberger

Jeff is a voting board member with experience and growing vested interest in the success of the B.A.C. organization.


Member at Large: Brian Pryor

Brian is the Chief Of Police for the Shirley Police Department and voting board member.  With his vested help, B.A.C. has been able to sponsor many department events to help support the community relationship.